San Jose, California

Interactive Social Stories for Briefing Centers

Cisco is a Dow 30, leading internet infrastructure company with $50B in annual revenue. Executive briefing centers (EBCs) at Cisco allow customers to experience interactive demonstrations that showcase Cisco’s innovative solutions, how they solve some of world’s most challenging issues, Cisco’s vision of how business will be done in the future and Cisco’s company culture including social responsibility.

Cisco aspires to be positioned as an innovator. Cisco’s main executive briefing center is located at their Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, CA. They receive thousands of visitors at their corporate campus ranging from Heads of State to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to customers from across the world to students and entrepreneurs. There are interactive discussions, hand-on demonstrations, outcome-based approach to digital transformation and Cisco’s own stories around use of technology. Cisco as a brand wanted to showcase live customer interactions on socialmedia to their customers visiting their campus in real-time. In addition, Cisco wanted to highlight a dynamic partner and customer relevant social-media and digital presence during their visit with minimal effort.

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