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Amplify Cisco’s Brand at Global Conferences

FanKaves solution helped Cisco increase engagement for the IoT business unit by 21%


Impressions across social networks


Increased Engagement

Cisco is a Dow 30, leading internet infrastructure company with $50B in annual revenue. Cisco Live is their Annual Signature customer / partner facing event. It is attended by approximately 30,000 customers, partners and employee personal from around the world. They have 5 such events.

Cisco aspires to be positioned as an innovator. Cisco Live features keynotes by the CEO, top customers. There are 5000 sessions and training events that are available to the attendees at the venue and online. Cisco wants to have an engagement platform that spans the offline and online world. At Orlando, Cancun, Las Vegas, like some of their earlier events, they wanted to increase audience engagement. They wanted to gamify social engagement with a leader board. They also wanted to initiate dynamic calls to action between social media experiences.


“After integrating FanKave solutions in my business, my users have started engaging with the brand a lot more!”

- John Elliot

CMO, Intel

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